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As part of our Tailored Specialist Dementia Support, we encourage recognised reminiscing techniques and memory box therapies to be incorporated by our teams with each visit, and we are happy to assist families and friends to develop the therapies and work with us using this type of support to add continuity to their loved one’s experience.

Getting to know our clients is very important to us and so at Tailored Living Support we have a specific section of our care plan which we ask the client, family and friends to complete so we can incorporate personal likes or dislikes into the support we offer and familiarise ourselves with our clients so common ground can be found.

Catheter bag replacement

Urine analysis

Sample collection and drop off

24 hour wellbeing and comfort checks

Wellbeing checks can be provided

Blocks of hours can be organised to support our clients in respite/sitting care


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Our aim is to is work alongside the client, their families and their support network. In order to support the client to achieve a sense of purposefulness, and living well with their diagnosis.

We have a firm knowledge base of the varying forms of Dementia, such as Alzheimer’s and Vascular Dementia to the lesser known Lewy Body and Korsakoff syndrome. Our teams are fully trained and have much experience so utilise the ‘this is me’ tool to adapt their approach in their care provision and use techniques such as reminiscing therapies, memory box process are encouraged. As this care is less structured the length of visits are more flexible. This is to ensure our clients have an excellent care experience, at TLS we are keen to match our clients with the right team member.