Q Mum tends to get a lot of urine infections. How will my mum’s health and wellbeing be monitored in her home?

A A lot of our elderly populations can get urine infections. These infections can and will affect the mobility of the individual and their ability to live well will deteriorate. Levels of confusion can and will increase and can be a pre cursor to a hospital admission presenting usually with a fall or unable to cope or worsening levels of confusion. So our visiting support teams have all received training in urine analysis and we at Tailored Living Support will, if signs suggest the client may have an infection, do analysis in the client’s home and if required obtain sample and deliver to their GP Surgery.


Q What will happen with my package of support if I go into hospital?

A Unlike most agencies, TLS will hold your package of support open, regardless of length of time in hospital. So you have the peace of mind that on leaving hospital your team will be there to continue with your support and incorporate any changes needed.


Q Is the shopping support secure, will there be money exchange hands, how will I get cash out to pay the team for my groceries?

A Our system is secure, at no point will physical money exchange hands. TLS will set up a regular shopping list and schedule that suits you but can’t be altered so you will know costs for your food bill will remain the same. At TLS we pay for your groceries and invoice you at end of each month. This controlled setup by yourself initially, will mean we can hold shopping in case of holidays or hospital admissions so there’s no waste.


Q Dad wants to come home, he’s safe and able to cope during the day with support, but at night he is incontinent and we don’t live near to pop in to check his comfort late in the evening or even through the night.

A TLS can support our clients outside of normal working hours, our teams can provide comfort checks or wellbeing drop ins, as the night can be very long for some clients as sleep patterns change, condition led activity through the night is common or to give respite for those supporting the clients through the day.


Q So mum has had an enablement service before, but what if mum needs more support for longer or we decide that support will be needed regardless. So to keep her at home longer but may need her support to change over time is that ok?

A TLS packages are all adaptable and our main focus is on the safety and wellbeing of our clients. So we are happy to add elements to support the client as and when needed. As we all can have wobbles that may take more to get over than others.

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