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Tailored Living Support has been created by a recognised and experienced registered nurse, who having specialised in all aspects of elderly care, felt the need to bring her care to the community. Our founder, Fiona Taylor believes that supporting the elderly by tailoring their package of support will provide continuity and ongoing quality care which has a holistic focus.

At Tailored Living Support, keeping care personalised and adaptable by promoting confidence, encouraging autonomy and re-enabling key skills keeps our elderly clients engaging and achieving and maintaining an optimum in their wellbeing.

So sure are we about our care and support at TLS that our founder’s father has been amongst our first service users.

At present we have 4 distinct teams, from our shopping and cleaning team through to our more specialist and condition led support. Please see our Support section, and for further information including a brochure, please give us a call on 01329 848212 or 07717854468.