At Tailored Living Support our aim is to support our clients to achieve a sense of purposefulness and wellbeing within their home. This is achieved through our client centred approach to care. Our role is to assess, monitor and promote independence in both, day to day routines as well as support clients with specialist condition led care. At Tailored Living Support, dignity and respect is recognised and excellent care comes as standard.



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Tailored specialist Dementia support

Tailored Rehabilitation support



Tailored housework

and shopping support

This package is more unstructured and mirrors the day to day condition led care. Our team has a wealth of experience and training which incorporates the many forms of Dementia. more

This package includes domiciliary duties but incorporates rehabilitation goals. Our client works alongside our team to achieve optimum mobility, whilst performing day to day tasks in a safe and productive way. more

This package offers all aspects of day to day personal care including: washing, dressing and grooming, food preparation, catheter care, incontinent support and all areas of skin integrity management. more

Light housework duties can be provided. Whilst our prearranged shopping service is secure and in place at point of set up. more

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